RubberJet Valley is a chemical specialty company specialized in the production of engineered raw materials (Polymers) called RubberJet Powder (RJP ™) and RubberJet Granules (RJG ™) capable of replacing virgin raw materials (e.g. Natural Rubber) in a wide range of applications including which mixes new tires.

RubberJet Valley was born from the goal of its founder Tommaso Verri Eng. who together with his passionate partners of innovation and sustainability have decided to establish a leading innovative company in the field of recycling of medium and heavy End of Life Tires (“E.L.T.”)  through the use of a 100%-environmental friendly proprietary technology called High Pressure Water Jet™  in order to create a real circular economy of a “precious” product such as truck tires and OTR (off-the-road) or Mining Giant Tires, which today are difficult to treat through traditional mechanical shredding technologies.

RubberJet company and its team have studied in depth the issues related to the potential of the Powder and Granule produced through the High Pressure Water Jet™ Technology. A laboratory has been specifically set up in the province of Milan in which a series of activities have been implemented necessary for the development of the disintegration process by means of high pressure water through the HPWJ™ Technology with the aim of maximizing enhancement of the obtainable rubber final products.

The Company’s Head-Quarters is located at the PoliHub, the “Innovation Technology District” of Politecnico di Milano, a prestigious worldwide recognized university in which excellent engineers are incubated and supported in their global industrial and commercial growth.

The Promoters have 35+ years of experience as supplier of filters, filter dryers, paddle dryers and pan dryers in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries and RubberJet Valley applied this experience and know-how with regard the chemical-pharmaceutical field to the recycling of OTR tires at the End of Life installing an innovative production industrial scale plant based on a 100% environmental-friendly High Pressure Water Jet™ Technology.

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